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Wellness Foundry Strength Cards – Personal & Professional Self Care Cards for Positive Psychology, Personal Performance, Workplace Culture & Team Building – Educational Cards for Daily Habits

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Do you know what your strengths are– those things you’re good at and actually enjoy doing – at work? Found to help improve your feelings of confidence, engagement, and energy, these beautifully designed cards used in conjunction with the free VIA Survey can be used to help you discover:

  • When you’re at your best at work and how to have more of these moments – no matter what your job description says right now.
  • How you might be overplaying or underplaying your strengths and undermining your own success.
  • The easy way to create a small daily strengths development habit no matter how busy you are.

Engaging, educational, and practical, these cards capture the growing body of evidence around the benefits and practices of strengths development to help individuals, teams, coaches, and facilitators do more of what they do best each day at work.

A great addition to assist with setting strengths-based goals, the Strengths Cards offer unique habits for each strength that can easily be embedded into your life in just 11 minutes a day.

What’s Inside?

  • Four introductory cards on the best way to discover and develop your strengths by creating an 11-minute strengths habit
  • Twenty-four VIA Strengths Cards grouped by virtues, with easy-to-understand definitions, examples of how they can be overplayed and underplayed at work, and specific, actionable ideas for their development in any job.

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1 review for Strength Cards (VIA)

  1. Edwina

    Have loved using these cards in my teaching of strengths. A great way to learn more about strengths and to talk about them with others. I love spotting strengths in team mates and work colleagues. It is a great way to affirm what is right about them. So much of what we do is finding fault, these cards can boost the energy and positivity of your team or workplace by focusing on the good in people.

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  • Original price was: $39.97.Current price is: $34.97. Inc. Tax

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    Original price was: $39.97.Current price is: $34.97. Inc. Tax
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